Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Computer Textile Design Group

I have just arrived back from a Computer Textile Design Group Summer School which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was well organized with great tutors. Day one we were split into 2 groups, one group with Marie Roper, the other with Sarah Browniewhere we all designed images on the computers. The second day we shared two tutors, Marie and Angie Hughes, whose book came out recently. We had 4 printers and had the opportunity to print out on fabric all the images we needed for our projects.

Angie with her printer. Angie's textile notes

Marie teaching one to one.

I was fortunate to have Sarah doing designing on the first day. I'm afraid I'm a bit set in my ways and found it difficult to do things in a different way, but I have loads of fantastic handouts and will work on them here at home. Now, for the first time ever I have some idea of how to try to understand other people's art work and what to look for in particular and I knew after the first couple of hours that it had been worth coming on the course if I didn't learn another single thing. Of course, I learned much more during the two days, but as I'm rather tired tonight I will tell you a little more tomorrow.


Aussie Jo said...

What great fun!!
I look forward to seeing your designs and methods.

smarcoux said...

I will wait to hear more about the computer textile design group ... I thought they held the meetings over here in cambridgeshire ?

Heather said...

I don't know the other tutors you mention Mags, but Angie Hughes is lovely. That course sounds fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing your designs.

Helen Suzanne said...

this sounds fascinating Mags and will love reading more.

Dolores said...

You seem to have so much fun everyday. And learning new things on top of it all.

Julie said...

I'm hoping to chat with the people on the CTDG stand at the FOQ next week as I'm thinking of joining. I met a lady today from one of the associate groups - Design on Textile (DOT) which I hadn't realised is in my area. I'll look forward to reading more about your Summer School.