Thursday, August 13, 2009

Computer Textile Design Group

Here are a few more photos of what we were doing on the course at Chester. Above Angie is sharing a technique with Jean. I know Jean will see this as she visits my blog and even recognised me from my profile photo. Hi Jean!

I was too busy to take many photos, but above you will see some lovely samples of Angie's work.

Marie is helping Jane with printing some fabrics.

Here are some samples of Marie's work, but I'm afraid these photos do not show her lovely work at their best.

This is Judith printing a piece of fabric for Ann. Judith is the CTDG Chairman and without her there would be no magazine and no courses. Thanks for all you do Judith.
I will show you some of the work I did on the course in another post.
There will be more photos on my DG's Photos and Digital Art, but these will photos of people who were on the course.


Chris Gray Textile Art said...

I really wish there was something like this near me!

Heather said...

I love Angie's work and the samples done on the course look gorgeous Mags. Greedy for more!

Julie said...

Impressive work Mags. I am thinking of joining this group.

ju-north said...

Just the kind of course I would love to do! but they are all in the south!

Annette J said...

What a lot of beautiful memories you have there Mags. I did look at this course but in the end distance and time got in the way. Maybe... one day....