Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Eisteddfod and a couple of circles!

I have just had a wonderful day at the National Eisteddfod of Wales. There is such a great atmosphere here, this is the place for a bit of culture across the board. Something for every age and for the whole family. There are babies in pushchairs, young people and older ones, all enjoying themselves. Welsh speakers from every corner of Wales with slightly different accents and dialects and English speakers are just as welcome. There is also a competition for the Welsh learner of the year.
But guess my first stop? Well, the Arts and Craft pavilion of course, where else? I was so very lucky to have the company of a very knowledgeable young lady for over an hour. She had just got her Fine Arts degree at Bangor University and she was one of the stewards with personal notes from all the artists. So I had first hand details of the work. How lucky can you get? The problem is how many photos to show you. I think I shall have to spread it out a bit.
Please click to see the larger images.

This first piece is inspired by the aprons with deep pockets the women in this area wore as they walked around knitting with the ball of wool in the pocket.

Here is a detail of the work.

I have added a few circles here. I loved this exhibit by Maia Conran. These are old plates that have had digital transfers of the interiors of bedrooms printed over the original design. Maia used to take these photos at places she visited and sent one to the owner, if I have understood this correctly. but they really appealed to me. Perhaps because most of them are circular?

This plate was my favourite.

More art from the Eisteddfod later.


JP said...

glad you had agood day out - just a comment on a previous post when you said the image might be good for acircular weaving - yes it was but don't try to weave a circle on a rectangular piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smarcoux said...

What a nice idea to put digital art on a plate hmmm

Heather said...

Fascinating post Mags. Such a novel idea to put another image over an existing plate - I love those.

Aussie Jo said...

Looking forward to seeing more of the artworks. I'm very interested in the history of aprons and their different uses, I love the knitting one!!

Gina said...

Sounds like a great day! The plate and how they are made is so intriguing.

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this fascinating exhibition Mags. The idea of putting a digital print over an existing image is sparking all sorts of ideas.

Textile Art Showcase said...

The exhibition looks great. Glad you enjoyed it. I have just come back from 2 weeks in Pembrokeshire, just out side Solva. On our way home we always call in at the Llanidloes Quilt show - well I do - my husband sits in the car park and reads the paper. Imgaine my surprise to see work with your name on it Mags - very nice too. It is always a great little quilt show. Bailey Curtis was there doing a felt workshop so it was nice to be able to catch up with her.