Saturday, August 22, 2009

Festival of Quilts Part 2

Did I write in my last post that at this year's FOQ I did more socialising than anything else? Well it's quite true and I spent far less than usual. Above are the only items I bought. Some lovely Collinette yarns from Myfanwy of Winifred Cottage who had some lovely things for sale on her stand. A new stamp from Laura at Trapsuutjies. I like making my own stamps, so when I see one that I like and know I would find difficult to create I buy it. I was tempted to spend much more here. I must share this with you. If it hadn't been for Laura and Annette I would have missed seeing Pat, a very good friend from Hartfordshire. They mistook her for me and told me I had a double and as they pointed to her, we both recognised each other. Conincidence or fate?

I bought some Golden Moulding Paste from Ario : Art and craft supplies because I want to create some of the work shown in Carol and Lynda's book Stitching the Textured Surface. And a video which I could have done without perhaps because I loved Russian 's lovely work. A last minute decision before leaving for home. I missed seeing a few blogging friends that I wanted to meet, but there's always next year. But I did have a nice chat at the Computer Textile Design Group stand which is well worth a visit. I loved meeting Ann and Cathy again so soon after our course together. I also had a chat with Angie Hughes and Marie Roper who were tutors on the course.

There are not as many photos to share as last year as I preferred to keep up with my friends and listen to what they had to say about all the quilts. It's also very difficult to take good photos as there are so many people around. These are by no means my only favourites, but photographed for a reason.
The above quilt was made by Leisbeth Williams from Anglesey in North Wales and this quilt was inspired by field patterns. I have posted about Leisbeth here. She had her own 'City and Guilds' stand at the show as did another North Wales lady Christine Jones, who is a member of the North Wales Embroiderers' Guild. I'm sorry not to have met Christine there and have no photos of her wonderful work to share either.

I really did love this quilt, which I think was made by Helen Godden, Canberra, Australia. It's called Mother Earth. The catalogue description says it's bleach painted on black cotton to reaveal rich terracotta colours. Extensive machine stitching captures every decorative detail.

The following quilts appealed to me because they have circles in them.

This is a detail of the above quilt. Isn't it just perfect? After studying the catalogue, I think ths quilt is made by Liz Harding, member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen?, Cirencester and is called Colour in the Dark. I apologise if I'm wrong.
Addition to this post. My sincere apologies to Therese Keppens, Fran├žoise said in a comment on this post...Hi Mags. It was so nice meeting you in Birmingham.
The first quilt with the circles was made by Therese Keppens from Belgium. It's called "Graduated Colours". Thanks for letting me know Francoise.

I loved the circles here and particularly the colours.

I had to take a photo of this lovely quilt by C. June Barnes. I bought her book last year at the FoQ. It just happened to have circles on too.

This is a very tiny piece of the quilt made by Birgit Schueller from Germany according to my catalogue. It depicts a nice cup of hot chocolate or latte macchiato served in a cozy cafe. There are circular holes here and there, I'm not sure if they show in this little sample and these add to the feeling.

This quilt used metalic organza, folded and presses between two pieces of card if I remember correctly.
The work in the exhibiton shows the artistic creativity, skill, dexterity and hard work of hundreds of women from all over the world.


Ali Honey said...

Lots of wonderful quilts to see there. I like the simplicity of the landforms and like you I find circles very interesting. Any patterns in nature in fact.

Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts with us - I especially like the one by Helen Godden, it is incredible and so unusual. You will undoubtedly make very good use of the goodies you bought - I love Colinette yarns too and have some moulding paste but not got round to trying it out yet. How nice that you caught up with so many friends there.

Helen Suzanne said...

thank you so much Mags for a great insight into the show. I really like some of the quilts you've shown. I'm sure you had a wonderful time catching up with everyone :D

... Paige said...

The photo you have of the one by Helen Goden I have on simlar that I took at international quilt show in Houston Texas. I thought it was georgous.

Carol said...

Thanks for showing us some of the quilts Maggie. You must have been quite close to us. We were not far from the stand you bought your rubber stamp from. I did think about buying some paint from there. The winner of the art quilt was fantastic. There were so many nice quilts. I did not manage to take pictures of any of them but no doubt we will be seeing a few in magazines. You may even see ours in Popular Patchwork They were going to interview Vinnie on Sunday.

Fran├žoise said...

Hi Mags. It was so nice meeting you in Birmingham.
The first quilt with the circles was made by Therese Keppens from Belgium. It's called "Graduated Colours".

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if you has a wonderful day catching up with friends, and enjoying the quilts. I was there for the first time on Thursday and was blown away by the design and quality of work on the quilts. Thank you for sharing your day at the NEC.

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing your photos; it's fun to visit the show through your blog!

MargaretR said...

My apologies for getting the first quilt wrong.

The first quilt with the circles was made by Therese Keppens from Belgium. It's called "Graduated Colours".
I shall correct it as soon as I can. Congratulations to Therese, it's beautiful.

JP said...

so glad you had a good time - your guild and serentex seem to do a lot togeter and inspire and help each other as well as having lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Val said...

Hi Mags - I'm so sad we didn't meet up at Festival (having met your friend when our Exhibition was at Rosemoor in Devon last May!) However, it was a wonderful Show I agree - and I think Helen Godden's Quilt was my overall favourite - did you notice the dancing men all around the border (and on the background in places) - just awesome!


So many of my blog buddies have enjoyed the FOQ this year, I doubt I would have had time to spend anything with all the socialising that would have taken place! I didn't get there because it's a long way for me. I am saving my pennies for The Creative Stitches in September where they have pretty much the same stalls as I understand it. I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone bought!

geni said...

These quilts are amazing!
Thank you forr sharing the photos.

maggi said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. So glad you had a good time, only sorry that I missed you.