Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Serentex taster

This is literally a taster :) Try SerenTex later for an update of our 2009 AGM.

That's my friend Mary shouting in the background, but honestly you can't believe everything she says. but I will forgive her anything today as she brought me the lovely framed textile art work she created and gave me. you can see it unframed here Digital Gran - Mary textile practice piece

I took a video of a typical SerenTex group discussion for you, but it just won't upload to the SerenTex blog for some reason. I'm going to have another go shortly.

Now for some serious stuff.

This work was all created at home after the course with Sarah Brownie at the CTDG Weekend. I used Elements 7 for all this work following some of Sarah's instructions from the handouts. The image above was my original and is a photo of wall tiles at my favourite little cafe in Betws y Coed. it's also a great favourite with 'bikers' every weekend.

This one and all the images following use layers in Element 7 and some of them use the Adjustment Layer and Pattern. It's been such fun creating them. I like E7 very much, but doubt if I could manage without PSP for some things especially the Displacement Maps facility which I love.


Heather said...

These are all gorgeous Mags, and so varied. It never fails to amaze me how a change of colourway makes such a difference to a design.

Sue B said...

Wow Mags these are all quite stunning.

ju-north said...

That all looks great Mags. When are you going to write a book??!

Julie said...

You look as tho you were enjoying yourself anyway! I agree, time for a book perhaps?

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I use Photoshop CS4 but also have PSP. They are very different and so I usually work in both and get different results from the same image.Only problem is that PSP doesn't have a version for Mac so I have to work in the Windows part on my mac.
Do you have gradient maps in Elements - they give fabulous results.

Chris Gray Textile Art said...

...amazing what a bit of computer savvy can do for you eh? ;-)

I'm still in the "dark ages" with pens, pencils and paints....

Sandy said...

What a nice selection.


Beautiful inspiring work :o)