Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yet more circles

I know some of you love circles as much as I obviously do, so here are a few more I found in my stock.

This is a little piece I stitched for the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge a while ago.

This beautiful circle was quilted by Rosemary, a friend from SerenTex. It was eventually folded over to create a bag.

This circle represents one of my weaknesses - yes, I love anything sweet.

Here is one of my digital images.

This notebook cover was made on a course at Plas Tan y Bwlch a few years ago. The velvet was dyed and screen printed in gold.


Julie said...

Yummy! And I don't just mean the dessert! Beautiful velvet.

Maia said...

Your use of colors are really nice, I love it.
The notebook cover is gorgeous!

arlee said...

Yum to all of your circle posting, Mags--following along all the way :}

Sandy said...

The screen print worked nicely on the velvet. I like sweets too. The other circles are fun.


All beautful - your circles definitely inspire me. Haven't managed the project yet, I got my friend into starting a holiday journal instead, so I will do the circles on my own when my guests have left. I will show you them when I've made them

Have a lovely weekend
Best wishes

Heather said...

You are opening our eyes to circles Mags - I must confess I had never thought much about them until now. I specially like the digital image but they are all lovely.

Sue B said...

that velvet is luscious!