Monday, September 14, 2009

Circle Design - Cd Histoires

Circle Design - Cd Histoires As some of you know I love circles! I have always loved this website as it's full of circles and such fantastic ways of using old CD's.

These lovely logs were photographed at a pub we stopped at when I went to Christleton to the Computer Textile Design Group Summer School.

This photo was taken many years ago at Sway in the New Forest in Hampshire.

Today I finished a cushion I started some time ago.


Dolores said...

Love the circles. I have fabric very similar to your log photo. Isn't it great to finish something that has been hanging around for a while?

maggi said...

Thanks for the link to the lovely site. You must be very happy with your finished cushion, it is very dynamic.

Heather said...

More lovely circles and I love your cushion Mags. There is one circle, however, which drives me up the wall and it is the little rotating circle on my laptop telling me to wait!! I seem to spend as much time waiting some days, as I do getting to where I want to be.

JP said...

love the cushion - really classy

Julie said...

Thank you for the reminder about the Cercles site Mags. I have it in my favourites but hadn't looked at it for a long time. I've been keeping all my used Cds, time I used a few!