Monday, September 28, 2009

Great inspirational evening

Tonight I had a most enjoyable evening at the Embroiderers Guild with Voirrey Braithwaite of
Voirrey Embroidery
Her talk was called 'Textile Inheritance'. She started by showing us some things she herself had collected over the years, then went on to show us some beautiful clothes she inherited in a suitcase from her mother in the Isle of Man. If you ever have a chance to hear this talk then don't hesitate as I would have not missed it for the world. We were very lucky to be the first to hear this new talk.

This is a Royalty Free photo I'm showing you here. But we had the opportunity of studying closely some work like this. Voirrey also had some similar reverse embroidery from Sough in China.

We were also shown a beautiful jacket made by refugees in tents in Palestine, who were given black fabric and embroidery threads and created this beautiful work using Jordanian cross stitch free hand. This part of the talk was particularly interesting for me as I studied some of this work when I was doing City and Guilds.
The rest of the talk was even more interesting as we saw some historic pieces of clothing from the 19th Century, which is all I will tell you.


Gina said...

It sounds like a fascinating talk.

Heather said...

What an interesting evening you had Mags. I love the fish design and always think that type of needlework must have brought a degree of happiness to the maker. It looks like mola work.

Mags (North Wales EG IT Rep) said...

It certainly is Mola work Heather- from the Carribean which Voirrey bought on a cruise and then made up into cushions. The Chinese reverse applique work she had was more commercial but very similar.

Mystey Artist said...

Hi! nice art work!! I am just fascinated by art. Would you like to add your blog to this art blog directory?? check it out!

maggi said...

Sounds like a really interesting talk and how lucky to be able to see pieces like this up close.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I love your blog with it's great photos. Can I ask you what settings you use on your camera please? Your photos are clear and do not take long to download.

You live in the prettiest country. I visited in 1996 and stayed in LLandudno Junction. Great people...
(from Qld, Aus)

Thank you.