Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yesterday was SerenTex day and you can read about it here. Above is a detail of a book Janine is making for the wedding of a niece. I must remember to ask her for a copy of the beautiful poem she used.

This is the messy part of my Egyptian project piece and it was such fun as you can imagine. I used all sorts of fabrics for this and glued them onto a piece of curtain lining using PVA.
I then painted over them in patches with lightly coloured Gesso. I will start to develop it shortly by handstitching in the evenings with a lot of machine embroidery. I will let you know how it goes(or not).


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Be careful with Egyptian themes. I finished up with a project of 80 pieces after doing the first one. There is so much inspirational resource material around it is hard to resist.

Aussie Jo said...

Looks great Mags.
Good luck with the hand stitching through all those layers, I ended up with a couple of broken needles and holey fingers after my last handstitch with gesso!!

MargaretR said...

Don't I know it Shirley. I think I must have the largest library of Egyptian books apart form the British Museum :)
I too have had problems before with broken needles and sore fingers Jo. Maybe it will end up being machine stitched, but I had such perfect colours for hand stitching. Pity if I can't make it work.

maggi said...

I love the Egyptian piece, you have captured that decaying effect perfectly.

mrsatroxi said...

Mags, you are so talented!

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I am ok. I answered your note on my site, but I wanted to also let you now here that I appreciate your well wishes and concern.


ju-north said...

This looks intruiging! Hope you post wip!

Julie said...

It's a lovely surface Mags and I hope the handstitching works. I wonder if you could use the hand threads in the bobbin if you had to machine sew?

Heather said...

Janine's book looks fantastic and I love your 'messy' Egyptian piece Mags.


Beautiful Egyptian pieces. I was admiring them on Serentex