Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today I printed out myself another winter tree, I think this one will have machine embroidery rather than embellisher felt work which I felt was heavy compared to the other trees. This tree has been played with in Paint Shop Pro, but I can't find the original ATM, it's a tree just round the corner from where I live. Today was SerenTex day and I had intended to start off some computer lessons, but instead we had a really companionable time chatting and drinking tea.
I have put a few photos up if you want to visit.
On the way home I stopped by at my friend's, Joan (SerenTex)as I have promised to call for ages, but have been too busy. We printed out onto fabric some wedding images that she will use to make a box for her grandaughter who was married recently. We struggled a little to understand the printer which is a Canon. But it's a lovely printer and gave no trouble printing on the fabric.

This photo was taken at Ruthin on Saturday and I quite like it. It may be used for something one day.

Here is another one of my circles images.


Sue B said...

love that winter tree image, that is a wonderful image.

Heather said...

Love the winter tree Mags and the circles design. I still haven't got my printer yet but think I may go for a Canon.