Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Knitting and Stitching Show Alexandra Palace

I think that once I start to write about my visit to London I will be unable to stop, so I have decided to do it in stages.

This is my first visit to Ally Pally (as it is often called) in about 6 years. At one time I visited the Knitting and Stitching show every year. My friends Pat and David have invited me to stay with them in Hertfordshire every year since then, but this time I decided to take them up on their kind offer and both of them and their black labrador Toby gave me a royal welcome. Pat drove us to the show and the first view of the palace is shown above, the photo borrowed from Wikipedia.

I tried to take a photo from this angle, but it's not as good as this one, another borrowed from Wikipedia.

Here is another view, this time of the rose window and below is one I took myself of the rose window from the inside.

Alexandra Palace Rose Window

Above is a photo of the other end of the hall. This is the famous pipe organ.

You are high above London at this point and the views of the city are fantastic. Here is a photo my friend Pat took of the view below.
If you are interested in reading more about Alexandra Palace have a look here Alexandra Palace - Wikipedia,

Here is what I bought at the show. I set them up like this to photograph them and DH asked me if it was a shrine. I can't bear to dismantle them and they have been like this all day while I drool over them.

My friend and I decided to make it for Dale's stand (The Thread Studio) we wanted a go at winning one of her Pommie Bags full of Aussie goodies. We had the answer to her question ready and only one person had given her the correct answer, so we both won a bag each! Yay! Thanks Dale. Above, I show you what was inside the bag. We were very lucky!


maggi said...

Glad that you enjoyed the show and congratulations on winning one of Dale's Pommie bags. Looks like you bought some inspirational things too.

Gina said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful show... lots of goodies too. It was fabulous to meet you at last Mags.

Doreen G said...

I can see lots of Dale's goodies amongst the purchases as well.

Sue B said...

that's a great looking pile of goodies Mags, sounds like you had a great time. That book by Frances Pickering looks good.

Julie said...

Wow! Lucky you for winning one of Dale's Pommie bags! :o) Thank you too for sharing Ally Pally, I've never made it there yet. I'll look forward to seeing some more. Your shopping is impressive!

Sally Webster said...

Love the koala bear Mags!

Gill said...

Sad that I couldn't be there too, Mags, but I enjoyed reading all about it.
Your pile of treasure looks good too - will look forward to seeing how you use it all!!

Heather said...

What a great time you had Mags - I am green with envy, but also very pleased for you, that you won one of Dale's Pommie bags. The contents look very interesting and I love your shrine. I can understand you being torn between not wanting to dismantle it and wanting to start 'playing' with all those lovely goodies. I noticed Frances Pickering's book there, and am just about to order a copy myself from Art Van Go. Have fun using all your treats.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely goodies you brought back! Lucky you.
I've never been to Knitting and Stitching show, yet... Next year maybe?

Susan said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful purchases! Beautiful pictures!
Wish I could have been there too!