Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mary Spence

This is the invitation to my friend Mary's solo exhibition 'Travel 'n' Bags' at Denbigh Library in North Wales. I was unable to go to the opening, but yesterday I made up for it by visiting the exhibition with plenty of time to enjoy browsing. I knew before-hand that it was going to be good as I have seen a lot of the work in progress and even own one of them! But I must tell you that I was not prepared for what I saw and it really took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes with it's beauty. Congratulations Mary! The work will be up until January 9th 2010 and I would highly recommend a visit if you can manage it.

The theme of the exhibition is based on the travelling Mary loves, particularly India and Asia and is the culmination of a whole year's work. She has used a lot of fabrics she’s collected in these places, plus her own dyed fabrics. The inspiration and starting point is the small collection of bags she bought as keepsakes from these countries and you will see them hanging to the left of this image.
The 4 pieces grouped together are a development of my own piece by Mary, a bag from Amsterdam and one of these is already sold. I was truly tempted to buy the other 3 to group with my own. By the way, there are already 11 pieces of work sold and another has a reserve sticker on it.

I love the way Mary works by creating detailed sketches of her subject, which she then simplifies by various means such as watercolours, collages or mono printing which she then converts to textile letting them develop without any preconceived idea of what the finished work will be like.

Mary is a member of SerenTex, the textile group I belong to and if you visit SerenTex (which I have neglected recently as I have missed 3 meetings) you will see more of her work here and there.

You will also find more of her work on each one of these below.
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Lucky me!
Plas Tan y Bwlch 2


Heather said...

That must have been a superb exhibition Mags and a beautiful space to hold it. I'm not surprised your friend has been so successful and hope she sells even more of her lovely pieces.

Julie said...

You were right to be so delighted by Mary's exhibition, it looks wonderful and I've enjoyed all your links. I've gone back and read the F & S article too and find her methods really interesting. A very talented lady! Thank you for telling us about the exhibition. The exhibition space looks amazing.

Aussie Jo said...

Mary's work is truly sensational and varied, please pass on my congratulations.
If she decides to take a trip to Australia, let me know. Perhaps she could do a workshop at our guild.