Sunday, March 14, 2010

Home again

I've returned from a very relaxing holiday in Tenerife. I took my small Pentax Optio V10 camera with me, but I was sorry I didn't take my Lumix FX18 with me. The Optix doesn't have a view finder and It is very difficult to see the screen in the strong sunlight. I was stopped by one of the many people who sell electronic devices and cameras and was persuaded not to change the camera (I had some birthday money to spend)but instead to buy a covering to put over the the screen which was supposed to solve the problem, then he told me it was a good camera and if I exchanged my SD card for a HD one it would be like a new camera. Stupidly I did this, spending £100. I had to take the camera back as something happened to it and many of my photos disappeared as soon as I had taken around 60. I tested it a few times by downloading to the laptop and starting again, but each time I'd taken about 60 it happened again. He than exchanged the card for me, but I was certain this one was only an SD card almost the same as the one I exchanged. He would insist that, no, the technology was much better. In the end I gave up and the camera after spending all that money was no better than before. A lesson learnt! A very expensive one.

Our first day was very windy.

Just look at the flag!

But the wind didn't stop these people from exercising.

I found this nest near the hotel. Poor bird.

I'd also taken my Pogo with me, but all this messing about had put me off and I only printed a few photos and didn't even use my sketchbook and soluble crayons at all. I did buy a Moleskin Sketchbook and a ball point pen with the intention of doing some pen and ink drawings, but I only did one. I'm sure it will be used now that I'm home.

Then what did I do instead you might ask? Well, I read books I found in the hotel free library and relaxed to the extreme and feel much better for it.

Here are three photos I liked.

We had a royal welcome home they put up two flags for us on the castle.


Ali Honey said...

I imagine you were ready for a warmer break aftl that snow this year. Love your photos as always.

The bag in the previuos post has wonderful colours - I love purple and lime greens together.

Heather said...

Welcome home - I've missed you. Glad you had a relaxing time inspite of the problems with your new camera. Love the photos in this post.

Julie said...

Glad to hear you had a relaxing holiday. I had just been saying to my DH today that I hadn't seen you blogging much lately, I had forgotten you were away, senior moment again! Funny that you should be discussing cameras today. I am trying to choose a new camera before our next holiday. I want a compact but I need it to be good in low light and to have a good zoom on it. I have a Canon Ixus70 which is good but lets itself down in low light and for distance shots, they look as if they're miles away. so far it seems I have very expensive tastes!

Sorry to hear of your own camera woes but that last photo of the cactus (?) is wonderful.

Barbara said...

Wonderful pics! Glad you had a good break, looking forward to what happens next ...

Pat said...

Your three "texture" shots are stunning.

ju-north said...

My kind of pics!Love them! Funny how things can put us off our stride (re camera)