Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apologies all round!

This morning I will start on my piece for the Rainforest project I'm doing for SerenTex exhibition, so I thought I'd have one more look at my 'rainforest' a Photographic Journey by Thomas Marent
which I highly recommend.

I found to my embarrassment that I have been calling my inspiration a fern all along which it isn't, so I thought I'd let you know what it was. It's a Sundew Carnivorous plant.
When I opened Digital Gran this morning I found that Mags Ramsay had also noticed this and commented on it. Thanks Mags :) We 'Mags', must stick together!

So before I begin working this morning I will backtrack and change my previous posts.
Did  you know I have a Gocco printer which I bought form my friend Liz of Dreaming Spirals? i've had this quite a while and it's as yet unused, but this morning I'm ready to go. I will let you see the results if I have any to share.


Marlis said...

can't wait to see the results of your "gocco printing"!

Heather said...

Whatever it is, that plant has a beautiful shape and I'm sure you'll do something wonderful with it.

JP said...

great work