Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Weekend

I was given a real Welsh welcome from the members of Merched_y_Wawr Thursday evening. They opened the meeting by singing their anthem unaccompanied and they sang it beautifully.
It was a very enjoyable visit and I’ve decided to become a member.
When I returned home, I prepared for my Embroiderers’  Guild annual courses weekend to Plas Tan y Bwlch. I chose the Shibori Dyeing and Quilting with Janice Gunner. I had seen her work at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last year and jumped at the chance of taking a course with her. The other tutors were Avril Gilchrist teaching a workshop - Calico Gardens Embroidery and Nicky Dillerstone  - Little Boxes of Delight.
peep2 peep
Here is a peep at my work in progress and I hope to show you a finished piece one day. My first attempt at Shibori and quilting as such. I feel another deep interest coming on. Where am I going to get the time? I need 48 hour days. I need to create a piece of work for the SerenTex Rainforest exhibition first.
ptb4 I always try and take a photo of this old wrought iron that I found at the back of some building and I do hope they will never tidy it up one day and throw all that lovely pieces of metal away. It get’s more interesting each time I visit.
This is a photo of me with two friends, Mary and Llinos, as you know I’m usually the other side of the camera.
ptb3 This was my breakfast each morning. My breakfast at home is usually just porridge and this was a treat.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if the way to achieve 48hour days is to fuel up on that type of breakfast?! The shibori work looks most promising - am sure you'll find the time somehow.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces from the shibori. I've been trying to work out whether is is one piece reversed or two pieces in opposite colourways.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Oooh, the shibori is lovely - very, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Glad the talk went well. It is so easy to start yet another craft isn't it. I am being really strict with myself at the moment and trying to finish all of my UFO's before starting anything major.

Julie said...

Glad the talk was successful Mags. Don't you look well too! I have a half day workshop with Janice Gunner to look forward to at the Festival of Quilts. Your shibori and embroidery looks very attractive. I'll look forward to seeing more of it.

Heather said...

I think we all need 48hours a day. Your shibori pieces are lovely and I love the textures and spirals in your rusty ironwork photos. What a wicked breakfast - yum!