Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Experiments with the Gocco Printer

Today has been a day of experimenting and has been a steep learning curve for me, with a few emails between myself and Liz this morning to help me through. I bought my Gocco Printer some time ago and have been afraid of using it, partly because I thought mistakes could be quite expensive and I’d never used one before. Now I can laugh at myself for being so silly, it is so easy! I bought a good stock of bulbs and screens and who cares if I spoil some of them with my experiments?

As some of you know I am doing a Rainforest project and I have loads of ideas to try out. My experiments with the Gocco Printer are all from this project, on paper and polycotton fabric using 2 screens I prepared. I think I might also make some printing blocks to finish it off. I can use them all to fill a Rainforest Journal perhaps?

For the first experiment I used my machine knitting Mylar pencil, this was used to mark out Mylar design sheets. I was looking for things containing carbon, as this is what is needed to burn a screen with the Gocco. This obviously had no carbon at all in it and there was no trace of the design, but on the same piece of paper I had drawn two of my Sundew shapes using a piece of charcoal and that really worked well. I do have a China pencil somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. The design is not perfect, but can be used.

gocco 013 gocco 018 Experiment 1

The design was printed with black Riso Printing Ink on card and on the right printed on polycotton. There was an extra Sundew shape using the Mylar pencil which of course didn’t work.

experiment2 gocco Experiment 2

Above left is the original used. These are mostly pieces of paper using different processes. If you look carefully you will notice that 2 shapes are missing and 2 shapes are not very clear. The missing shape bottom left  used Black Computer Refill Ink bought a few years ago, so that doesn’t work. The small shape missing from the top used a Black Sharpie pen, so that doesn’t work.

The large shape is a Staples Photocopy. The one inside it used a cheap Indian Ink bought fairly recently. Bottom right is printed on my HP Photosmart C4400 series and the small ones each side used Carbon paper and were not very clear. The sample above right was the first one printed out on card using a cheap acrylic which was not thick enough and dried too quickly clogging up the screen. I then added a good quality  yellow acrylic from a tube, but didn’t wash the screen, so it was still clogging. I think the effect is still rather pleasing as shown below left and I intend to do something with these.

gocco 016 gocco 013 These on the right are a mix of both on fabric.

I’ve also done some printing from the computer on my own cotton fabric, some ready to print cotton fabric and some T-shirt Transfer paper I had. So today has been very productive if not highly successful, but I don’t think there will be a lot of waste.

gocco 014


Heather said...

I think you should be very pleased with your prints Mags, especially as you hadn't used the Gocco printer before. Each example seemed better than the one before. I love the idea of a Rainforest Journal.

Sue said...

Wow! You have had a busy day. Some lovely results here, and I love the way the shapes and forms are developing. It's definitely ging places.

Sandy said...

Great experiments. You did accomplish a lot.

Anonymous said...

Have just looked up what a Gocco printer is - what a fabulous thing. You seem to be getting great results from it, look forward to seeing more.

Liz said...

These look wonderful considering it was your first attempt, Mags! And now you have a much better idea what works and you can go from there....

... Paige said...

pretty neat and a cool journal idea...you have been mentioned at my place :-)