Saturday, April 24, 2010

Plas Tan y Bwlch

My Rainforest project has had a bit of a rest today, so I thought I’d show you some photos I took at Plas a few weeks ago.


But first one of the images I created while designing for my project.

PTB EG 10 039

PTB EG 10 040

The stonework in this area is very unusual in colour and also in the way it’s dressed. It also weathers beautifully.

PTB EG 10 011

PTB EG 10 061

PTB EG 10 064

PTB EG 10 106


Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous photos Mags, I'm hoping our courtyard will look like that beautiful stone when I get the sandstone laid down.

maggi said...

Beautiful photos Mags. That first one would make a lovely piece with a background fabric made from automatic stitches.

Heather said...

Wonderful inspirational images Mags - I love the colours and textures in the stone.

Sandy said...

Great images. I can see you doing lots from them.