Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Preparing a talk and then relaxing

I promised to give a talk on my work in Welsh to the LLandudno Merched y Wawr tomorrow evening. This is a group of Welsh speaking ladies similar to the Women’s Institue.

As I was preparing my presentation I found so many things I had forgotten about and I have now got all my swaps set up in the right order and those that needed to be made into books have also been done.

welsh lady 001 welsh lady 002

Many years ago I spent hours converting a small image the size of a postage stamp to create the pattern for these two Welsh Ladies. At the time I intended to create packs including the pattern and materials to make and sell them to a local shop, but once I’d started making up the packs I found it was far too much work for the amount I could reasonably charge for them. So these are the only ones that have been stitched out after all the work. But it did give me a lot of pleasure creating them.

I think I’m now more or less prepared for tomorrow evening and spent a little time relaxing with my graphics and this is what I played with below. I think they are quite stitchable using bits of organza for the background.

circle1 circle2


JP said...

good luck with the talk

Julie said...

Hope the talk goes well Mags, I'm sure it will.

Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful graphics. Good luck with the talk,

Anonymous said...

Hope the talk goes well tonight. Love the graphics.

Heather said...

Your Welsh ladies are beautiful Mags and I love the graphics, especially the top one. Good luck with your talk - I'm sure it will be well received.

ju-north said...

Love the circles - I'm drooling!