Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainforest design

My rainforest work is still at the design stage I’m afraid, but it might become a series! I’ve cut out all the circles in various sizes and find it very difficult to put them together in a pleasing design.

rainforest sketch

This is a quick sketch of an idea I had which I quite liked.

rainforest 027  rainforest idea1

It was tested with a cut-out in white paper, which I think might work. Photographed and altered to the one on the right in the computer and it just might work.

fern bw3  fern bw3a fern bw3drops

The black and white image on the left is a small part of the original sundew plant converted to black and white, then changed as shown in the middle image with added orangey circles on the right.

I’ll let you know when I decide, but it’s such fun!


Anonymous said...

I can see that I would be having the same sort of fun that you are, isn't it amazing how such a simple design can be so effective by making a few tweaks - if you see what I mean.
Look forward to the next instalment.

kay susan said...

My vote would go to paper cutout number 2 and computer image number 3!

ju-north said...

It's fascinating to follow the development of your design! Super!

maggi said...

It is really interesting following your process.

Sandy said...

I like the design with the orange stem.

Heather said...

I love the variety of circles you have cut out and all of your designs look interesting Mags. Good luck - looking forward to seeing what comes next.