Sunday, May 09, 2010

Betws y Coed

It was a beautiful afternoon at Betws y Coed and it was quite busy there. For such a small village it draws many visitors.

Betws 012

As you can see all these people enjoyed themselves by the river.

Betws 015  

And I could not resist taking photos of the reflections.

Betws 018

This was the Air Ambulance that had landed on the football field, but I don’t think anyone was injured.


Some circles to finish off.


Gina said...

I have lots of happy memories of Betws y Coed from my teaching days. Our school used to own a school building not far away and we used to have regular trips there with groups of school children. I have a photo of us having piggy back races on that very green!

maggi said...

Lovely photos. Nice to be reminded of the times we used to hitch up there from Stoke when we were still at school.

Julie said...

I've just spent a very pleasant time catching up with your posts Mags (when I should be ironing! lol. It's been a real pleasure and your Rainforest piece has turned out beautifully. It is fascinating to see your digital work and I would love some lessons ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, have only been there once, must make a return visit sometime.

Heather said...

I haven't been to Betws y Coed for many years - it doesn't seem to have altered too much, thank goodness. I loved it there. Love the circles too.