Sunday, May 16, 2010

Design to Stitch

SerenTex Exhibition now on at the Ruthin Library Gallery until June 19th.

Janine's course 028

This is as far I got myself today. I dyed the background and built up the sandwich using tacking to hold it all together rather than the pins I would normally use. Tut tut!

I chose to make a rather large size and Janine thought it would have been better slightly smaller, but I’ll see how this one turns out and I might make a second one later. the timing of this class was perfect for me, just as I started taking a particular interest in quilting.

For more photos visit Croesew the North Wales EG blog.

busy hands


Chris Gray said...

Love the colours!

...I'm in a yellow/orange/blue mood too ;-)

Heather said...

That class looks great and I love the piece you are working on Mags.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mags, I love the workshops you are doing! Not to say anything about the results. Well done. Thanks for linking me - only saw it this morning as I've had a blog-rest. Laura