Thursday, May 13, 2010

A fun day

cath 007

My day started well by meeting Cath for a coffee in Llandudno. We last met ten years ago on a course at Queenswood School with Rosemary Muntus. After coffee we went to an exhibition of work by Betty Mills whose work includes botanical images and designs in watercolour and  also embroideries and baners. as I had to leave Cath there to save myself a parking fine I shall have to visit again.

rainforest 006

Then a continuation of the work started at Mary’s Workshop on Tuesday all afternoon. The first 3 use watered down acrylics, but the last one uses silk dyes. I used the left over paint to continue with my journal pages.

rainforest 009 rainforest 010

rainforest 012 rainforest 014

Here are some of the pages in progress. The last page is more or less finished with the addition of fabric circles stitched for my rainforest project. The other pages use a stamp I bought from Trapsuutjiies at the Knitting and Stitching in Alexandra Palace last year and I also have some of Laura’s lovely fabric paints.

rainforest 018 rainforest 019

These are stamps I made myself. The first used layers of craft foam and the second are the stick on floor protectors for furniture legs which really work well.

rainforest 020 

I wonder if my colours were influenced by these pansies outside my window?


Judy Whaites said...

I love your colours, what did you use for the resist on your stamps? Great idea using the floor protectors as a stamp.

Ruth said...

One of my favorite color palettes!

MargaretR said...

You will find out what I did in the above blog Judy.

Sandy said...

I love the pieces and the journal work. I have floor protectors and was talking to friends about them the other day-maybe today I'll use them after your inspiration.

Jacquelines blog said...

Yammie!!!!!!!!! great colours!