Friday, May 28, 2010


Computers are wonderful…. until something goes wrong. We had a letter saying that our electricity board needed to change the meters. They were supposed to do it 3 years ago, but never arrived. Unfortunately they came this time and asked me to switch off any computers I had on. I did, but I never thought of removing the router from it’s socket. When the electrician had finished and went on to his next job, I switched on my laptop to find I had no internet connection and nothing I did would bring it back. All my computers were the same and refused to believe I used I wasted day one trying to get the Netgear Router to connect, decided to get a new one and chose a Belkin. I still couldn’t connect. I was determined not to pay anyone to come and set it up for me and after 3 days I’m back online.


In between I finished a piece of work I did in a class with Margaret Beal. I have a small room overlooking the estuary, grandly called – The Sunroom. It’s really only a narrow strip, but I decided to have a bit of fun and it now has a nautical look and I thought this piece had the right shapes and colours.


I loved the colours of the estuary and had to take a photo. It was rather cloudy, but the sun was just trying to shine through.007

The tide left this old boat which has floated from somewhere. It has a big split at the back and will never float again, so I shall follow it with my camera as it deteriorates.


I love seeing the large tankers on the horizon like this, this one looked really good at sunset. 


Fran├žoise said...

Lovely piece of work Mags.
And nice pictures of the estuary, of course!

maggi said...

I love the colours in the piece you did with Margaret Beal. You are very lucky to live within reach of such stunning views. Well done for persevering and not having to pay to get back online.

Julie said...

I shall try and remember that lesson if ever I replace my meter Mags. Well done for sorting the problem out yourself. I would have shouted for help to my brother ;o)

That's a beautiful piece for your wall and I'll look forward to following the disintegrating boat.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Margaret - I love the blue green piece. I would love to see some close up photos of it if you care to post them. Your views are beautiful. I am so envious! Thanks for the photos of the estuary. claudia in chicago

ju-north said...

Wow! You live in a great place! Your work is wonderful as usual!

Heather said...

Glad you got back on line Mags. Your photos are wonderful and I love the Margaret Beal piece you made.

Jackie said...

So glad we didn't lose you to the gremlins.
What a lovely collection of photographs, your piece and the scenery both beautiful.