Sunday, May 02, 2010


I’ve taken a little rest from my project the last couple of days and what better way of relaxing than creating some digital art.

Tenerife 616

It all stated with the door of the Magic of Marakech in Playa Las Americas in Tenerife.

mmdoor1d mmdoor1c2

hear3 heart1_edited-1

These are a mix of Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop Elements.


maggi said...

Great variety from a single source.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - it's amazing what variety the software produces isn't it.

Shirley said...

Lovely, Margaret. I'm not sure if I'll get to Wales or not - I had hoped to stay with a textile person till the end of the week when I head off to the Isle of Man) but it doesn't look like this is fitting in with the ones who had offered to put me up. I'm a bit jetlagged and under the weather today, so will try to sort out a plan tomorrow.

Heather said...

That door is really splendid Mags and I love your digital designs.

MargaretR said...

Thank for the comments ladies. I'm sorry you are under the weather Shirley, but I do hope you will feel better before you leave for the Isle of Man and that the weather will be kind to you. A pity you won't be able to come to Wales.