Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gossamer felting

I am quite excited as I have just been able to book my place on the coach for the Festival of Quilts for Thursday August 19th. The coach always fills up quickly and I was afraid I’d left it too late.

Read all about our latest Guild Workshop on Croesew the North Wales Embroiderers’ Guild blog.

We had Helen Melvin of Fiery Felts teaching us to make beautifully soft Gossamer felt. Helen dyes all her own fibres using her own dyes made from her very own Dye Garden. Find out more about her Dye Garden on her Growing Colour blog.

HM workshop 051

Promises, promises! As I left the house I told myself I would not spend on fibres at the workshop as I already have plenty. Above is what I bought and they are such beautiful colours. I have been looking for Wensleydale dyed curly fleece. Helen sold packets of Seewater Curls which are very similar in beautiful colours, so I had to buy them of course and there was this lovely large pack of fibres in various shades of pink that I fell in love with. I hope you will be able to see them properly, but I didn’t want to take them out of the Ziplock bags just yet. For now they are there to savour and look at.

HM workshop 052

These are the felts I produced. This doesn’t mean that I am putting away my Embellisher, rather I hope these will be an addition to the work I do using the Embellisher.

Don’t forget to visit Croesew will you?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mags, looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham!

Heather said...

Gorgeous fibres Mags and I love your felts. Sounds like a great treat in store for you. Just off to look at Croesew.

Aussie Jo said...

The colours are scrumptious Mags, I think you have been very restrained!
Loved the felting on Croesew too.

JP said...

no one could resist colours like that Mags!!!!

fiona d said...

I think your felts are lovely, I especially like the little one at the bottom with the squiggly lines.

Helen said...

Hi Margaret - that was areally lovely blog about my workshop.many thanks and I am glad you enjoyed it so much. Lovely work by the way!