Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wales Embroiderers’ Guild Regional Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday at the Wales regional meeting. It not often that we are able to meet the South Wales members as the terrain makes it difficult to have meeting often. I have found myself meeting the same people each year and getting to know them better each time. It was fun and well worth being rather queasy on the journey to and from Llanidloes which is in mid Wales. making it more convenient for both groups.

regional day 041

Llanidloes is a small market town and unique in these days of towns full of the same shops, with small individual and interesting shops and a very good book shop with a variety of interesting books for quilters, stitchers and artists.

regional day 038

These two beauties are myself and Carol (McFee) co-writer of Stitching the Textured Surface with Lynda Monk. We spent all day together and we just didn’t stop talking about one thing and another, textiles being very high on the list.

regional day 068

The guest speaker was the famous Welsh artist Eleri Mills. For more details of the regional day please visit Croesew the North Wales Embroiderers’ Guild blog.


Julie said...

You look really well Mags! :o) what a great meeting you all had. I hope you've got over your queasiness.

Gill said...

Great photos, Mags. Some of those little roads are a bit twisty and queasy-inducing. Hope it didn't spoil your day.

I love Eleri Mills work - did a study of it for my C&G and really enjoyed finding out more. What a great speaker to have for your meeting. Worth the trip, no doubt!

Heather said...

I love that old market hall building Mags. Beautiful photo of you and Carol. I discovered Eleri Mills work when I did C&G and have admired it ever since.

Ali Honey said...

A very lovely photo of you Mags!
Can you explain how that building used to could obviously drive a cart through the arches to unload ...? ( guessing )

Gina said...

How lovely to see Eleri Mills' work. Great photo of you!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had realised that you were going to be there, however I have been away myself so haven't been keeping up with people's blogs.
Looks like you had a good time.

Re Ali's query, see:

maggi said...

Lovely photos. The work on the Croesew blog is beautiful.