Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Journey home

Christine drove me home from West Wales and as we were going through Llanrwst I decided we should stop for a meal at Tu Hwnt i'r Bont(Beyond the Bridge).

Llandysul 006

It’s a lovely old cottage . Can you see the windows? The food is very good too. There is a gallery upstairs and I took some photos of the small windows.

Llandysul 014

Llandysul 004

This is the bridge, it’s very old and narrow.

Then we took a walk to stretch our legs and visited St Grwst church, which gives the town its name.

Llandysul 031

I found this small tombstone very touching.

Llandysul 024

Llandysul 052

I just couldn’t get over the beautiful texture of the old slate flooring.

Llandysul 026

This will come in useful for my Lines and Grids sketchbook.

Llandysul 028

I must find out why there’s a skull and crossbones in the church.

Llandysul 057

This is on the ceiling.

Llandysul 034

This just happened and it seems to add to the image.

Llandysul 020

I feel sure this householder will not object to the photo of their cat sleeping in the window among all the cat ornaments. There was a sign in another window saying ‘A spoilt cat lives here’.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to Llanrwst?


Heather said...

Llanrwst is a fascinating place Mags, and thankyou for sharing all those beautiful photos with us. So many lovely images and textures - very inspiring. I love the old stone bridge and that sad little child's tomb. The cat in the window doesn't know he's famous now!

ju-north said...

Loved the little tour! It's always fascinating to see places you've never been to. By the way, thank you for your comment on my blog - I look forward to see what you do with borders!

ju-north said...
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Thimble Fingers said...

What an amazing building ... you have to look closely to see there's something under the greenery. Looks like a lovely place and thanks for sharing.
The tombstone was very quaint but such a shame about the graffiti scratched into it.

maggi said...

Beautiful photos, so much of interest to see.

Thimble Fingers said...

Thanks for your comments on my cloche hat Margaret. Here's a link for where I purchased my hat form. They are reasonably priced and she's extremely helpful.

You can find the forms at:

If you make a hat, I'd love to see it. Sorry I had to post in here, but I couldn't find a way to contact you directly.

JP said...

love dthe photos especially the slat efloor - so my colours!