Tuesday, July 27, 2010

West Wales Weekend(long)

I have just spent a most enjoyable weekend in the company of a wonderful group of ladies teaching them some Embellisher techniques. We worked hard, laughed a lot and ate some delicious food. Especially the Muffins cooked daily for us by Miriam.

Llandysul 010

The course was held here in Christine’s lovely large farmhouse kitchen.

Llandysul 004

This is the group from another angle.

Llandysul 012

Llandysul 013

Llandysul 014

Work in progress.  My one regret is not taking photos of all the work done. Most of it samples in their files but Chris made a bag(below) and almost finished a second.

Llandysul 015

Llandysul 016 Here is Ceinwen looking at some of the folders.

I must show you 2 special friends I made over the weekend.

Llandysul 004

This is Edward, he's a Cardigan Corgi and a Blue Merle. I was wearing cropped trousers and he must have liked my body lotion because he loved licking me all the way up from my toes as far as the hem of my crops.

Llandysul 002

This is Myfi, a huge New Zealand Kuni Kuni sow. She was wonderful and even sat to beg for titbits and I walked up the hill to have a chat with her each day.

After the class finished on Sunday we went to Chris’ Welsh cottage for a BBQ cooked for us by Barry. Where I was entertained, and I do mean entertained. Thank you Barry.

Llandysul 032

Barry is on the left and Miriam, the talented Muffin lady on the right who both managed to keep a straight face while I took this photo. They made quite a team.

Llandysul 033

This is Chris.

Llandysul 028

This is Ian who is Christine’s husband. He was so patient with a houseful of strange women upsetting his peaceful life. He even took a day off to drive all the way up to Conwy to take me down to West Wales and I am very grateful to him. I had a most interesting and educational journey down. You will notice that he has a strange instrument in his hand, this is Barry’s Tinkulely.

Below is the Pindrop Band, a very popular band in West Wales and they are fans and I have just become a fan too. They are worth listening to.

This post has become far too long, so I must blog again and show you what we saw on the way home. Christine drove me home.


Heather said...

Not too long at all Mags and just the inspiration I need for getting to grips with my new Embellisher - I haven't had much time to use it since I bought it. Your class sounds lovely and in such a wonderful setting. What fun you all had - entertainment too. I love the olive tin ukelele.

Julie said...

I agree, Mags, not at all long and very absorbing. Such talented and inventive people and the tinkulely is wild!

maggi said...

Looks like they all enjoyed themselves.