Friday, August 13, 2010

CTDG Summer School 2nd day


Here are the results of the second day at the Summer School. I had chosen to go to Marie Roper’s group and she gave us so many ideas on how to use our prints by sharing her own work and ideas freely with us , we then printed out our work on a variety of different materials. Judith (Butt) our Chairman spent the whole day sitting at her laptop and printer, printing out everything we took to her without any fabric jams at all as far as I could see. Thank you Judith.


My top print came out very clearly and I used a sheet of canvas from a fairly cheap A4 book and I was so pleased with the result. as you can see, it was very bright and clear. I also used Gold printing paper which didn’t photograph well at the back, bottom left. I printed out 8 smaller images of the top one and I’m sure it will make some lovely bright, shiny cards.

I also used Evolon and thick and thin samples of Lutradur. The Evolon was very bright without the addition of Bubble- jet or Ink Aid, but the Lutradur was more subtle, but still very pleasing. I have some clear Ink Aid which I shall try next time. I bought the wrong one and should have taken the white one maybe. Marie also used one in between the two I think.


Here Marie demonstrates transferring an image from the printer using Golden Gel Medium and below the result.


I also used ordinary Watercolour paper and ordinary Tissue Paper as I didn’t have any Tissuetex with me which Marie suggested.

Iron-on heat transfer paper for LIGHT FABRICS from crafty computer Paper turned out well as did the Iron-on cotton fabric sheets. Marie suggested using the one for dark fabric on the white as well, so that’s something else for me to try out. I’d taken some TAP-Artist Transfer Paper also from Crafty Computer Paper with me but didn’t get round to trying it out.

Marie suggested ways I could develop my work by cutting and layering prints of the same image in one piece of work and I look forward to trying out some ideas. I didn’t have time to design  and stitch a piece of work at the class as I spent too much time playing with the ideas. I shall share some of these with you when I do.

I must admit I have done quite a lot of fabric printing, but I’ll be doing it from a fresh angle after my class. This was a worth while and enjoyable weekend.


More to follow! There are more photos of the weekend on DG’s Photos and Digital Art blog if you would like to see them.


Heather said...

Your prints are fantastic Mags and it sounds as if you have plenty of ideas for ways of using them.

maggi said...

The prints are wonderful. It looks like this was an excellent workshop.