Saturday, August 14, 2010

CTDG Summer School continued

The only complaint I have about the Summer school is that it’s too short. I could have done with an extra 2 days to work with the other tutors Janet Bevan and Annette Morgan. Janet’s class were using Paint Shop Pro creating Kaleidoscopes and designing some special little boxes. Annette’s class designed and made collages using computer printing and a variety of fabrics including muslin. They were all very effective.

P1010636 P1010641 

These are all works in progress and I would just love to see them all finished.




P1010640 P1010644

P1010650                               P1010649

Some of this work towards the end here is Annette’s own work.


This is Maren from Germany with my friend Dorothy.


Heather said...

These collages are wonderful Mags - just packed with lovely images and full of inspiration. There is never enough time to do everything is there?

JP said...

the collages are fantastic - I waved at you yesterday when we wnet past you while we were at Conway! - are you going to FOQ? I am there Frid, Sat , Sun would love to meet up if you have time

MargaretR said...

Oh JP what a pity! I'm there on Thursday only, but would love to meet you one day. Let me know when you next come to Conwy and we can meet.

Corryna Janssen said...

I can see why you would want it to continue. The work that is made is wonderful and interesting. I guess you are very inspired to make more art now :-).

Julie said...

The Summer School looks fantastic. I've rejoined CTDG and I think I'll have to start saving for next year's. You're right about there never being enough time.

Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic Mags, you did get a lot done in a short time

JP said...

shame about missing you at FOQ - but we will meet soon in Conway or deganwy I'm sure

Jackie said...

This looks wonderful Margaret. Makes me want to get on with a bit of trial and error stuff..but its frustrating when you don'y know what you're doing. I love your results and you certainly all look as if you had fun.