Wednesday, August 11, 2010


 P1010601 P1010602

I hope Sarah Brownie, my chosen tutor on the first day will forgive me for sharing these photos with you. But it was such a fun and inspiring day, with Sarah making us conscious of the male and female traits in the work of artists we brought with us and eventually to try and bring these out in our own digital designs. Here she demonstrates a male posture in the first image and a female in the second. We then had to take a partner and guess which gender they posed. We used paper to cut and draw lines, using hard and soft. straight and curved etc.  I’m sure you get the idea?



You can tell they are enjoying it all can’t you?


We had one lady all the way from Germany, then all the others from across the UK, from Aberdeen, East Anglia and Southern England. To be honest I don’t know exactly where everyone came from.


This was the image I chose to work with, it’s a photo of part of the railings I took at Park Guell in Barcelona. It took me a while to decide whether this image had strong male or female characteristics. The leaf and flowers seem a little feminine, but it’s very spiky and strong too, so I found it difficult to make up my mind. When I came home I tried to find more about the subject. If you Google it you will come across some interesting ideas.

I found this website Formal Elements of Visual Arts -Shape and Form

“Organic shapes and forms use flowing and curvilinear traits. These types of shapes and forms are commonly found in nature and physiology and can be used to portray plant-like or animal-like images. Organic items often exhibit irregular forms and shapes. The art movement of Art Nouveau commonly used organic forms and shapes to enhance the warm and feminine feel of the artwork.”

I read this this somewhere else. “Relatively thick lines are very forceful, bold, masculine, daunting and overwhelming within their space.”

These are just a few of the things that Sarah made us think about in our work.


I think this one has definitely turned out be on the feminine side. Curvy, soft and delicate?

blend palm1

For some reason I find this one rather more masculine.

palm 2d

I think this one is more feminine?

palm 2b

A bit of both?

palm leaf 1a

This one is difficult. It has flowers so could be feminine, but it is also has strong and deliberate lines.

SB selction2



I had to create one with a grid to finish.


ju-north said...

Wonderful work! a lot of thought went into these!

Thimble Fingers said...

Your post is really interesting. I tried to think what each photo respresented before I read your comment underneath and most of them were the same as yours. It certainly makes you question designs more. I hope I remember this in future when I plan my own design work.

maggi said...

What an interesting concept, certainly food for thought. Wonderful images.

Aussie Jo said...

Great experiments with the images. The shield one definitely looks masculine, reminds me of those marauding Vikings

Heather said...

A fascinating approach to design and art Mags. I love what you have come up with from those wonderful railings. Everyone on the course looks totally engrossed.

Helen Cowans said...

Love the art work - I spy Dorothy too :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun time you are all having!!