Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Estuary



Last night’s photos of the Conwy estuary.


It’s been very busy here this week and today I took some photos of the sailing boats passing by. It’s the Conwy River Festival and today was the day of the Nobbies and Gaffers. now I’m not sure which is which, but following the schedule the Nobbies came first and then the Gaffers which means the Nobbies are a little smaller. But I do know they were designed to be used as fishing boats.



I came across this website as I investigated this A Nobby called Phyllis, so if you are interested take a look. I now wanted to know what a Gaffer was and found a Gaffer here, A Polperro Gaffer. You will find a lot more information about the conwy River Festival here on Jason Weyman's blog.




This is the HMS Pickle, but I’m afraid the power boat just ‘plonked’ itself in front of it. But here she is when I posted sometime in 2006  HMS Pickle going out to sea.


ju-north said...

How interesting! (We seem to have a boat theme going on here!)

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I hadn't heard of those type of boats either - something new learned.

Heather said...

Pushy things those power boats! What wonderful images Mags - I feel as if I have been on holiday. I should think people buy a house in Conwy just for the views.

Ali Honey said...

There is certainly some sails/ boats themes in those photos for future creative work!

You have an amazing outlook - ever changing.