Friday, August 20, 2010

Festival of Quilts 2010

I don’t have good photos of the quilts this year, but here are a few other things from the Festival.


Here are some of my online friends who have become much more than that over the years. Nine of us met at the Festival of Quilts, but only eight of us managed lunch together. Unfortunately Myfanwy of Winifred Cottage/Sassa Lynne couldn’t leave her stand long enough to join us. I went to say hello to her and intended going back to spend but never got around to it in my rush. We are a group of 40 on-line friends in all and love to meet when we can.


As I left my friends I came face to face with Marlis Egger - textilartand... who is another on-line friend that I met here for the first time last year at the Festival of Quilts. See our photo here at the Festival of Quilts 2009  with Francoise CREATILFUN who did not come this year. Hopefully she will be coming again next year.


Here is another photo of me with Lesley and Pat on the right and just a sliver of  Liz Holliday and her friend who is to my left . We all met at the Computer Textile Design Group stand.

I met someone I knew every 4 or 5 steps and it was wonderful, but I only had time to rush around the quilts and stands, so I think I need an extra day next year.

I bought some Golden Light Molding Paste for a course I'm taking soon with Isobel Hall, then I bought the Screen Printing book and CD by Claire Benn and Lesley Morgan which was rather expensive at nearly £28. I'd seen it at Ally Pally but hadn't bought it, but I do love screen printing so I think I might find it useful. I also bought one large and one small Thermofax screen from Complex Cloth again. But I would rather have a machine of my own to play with, but they are too expensive.

I bought the two latest books from the D4Daisy Book Stand one by Sue Rangley and the other by Jae Maries.

I went to see Laura and Annette at the Trapsuutjies Fabric Paint stand and she has some lovely screen printing designs and maybe I can send my own to be made by her before long when I have some more money in my pocket again . She said they are not exactly Thermofax screens and are made differently.

I just had time to have a quick look at Ruth Issett’s demo each time I passed Art van Go as I do at each show. I would love to go these workshops at Moor Hall, South Shropshire but it is rather awkward for me to get to as I don’t drive long distances.


This is Angie Hughes, who showed a great technique with her usual sense of fun, so I bought her CD and then went to ARIO for some extras that I needed to try it out. If you have never visited this website, have a look now.Here is Angie’s blog. There are enough links here to keep you going for a long time.


Fran├žoise said...

Wonderful post Mags! So sorry I couldn't make it this year. BTW you look in great shape. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

What fun you have had.
Maybe the first day should be social and the second you could go back with hat and sunglasses so no-one recognises you and you can shop in peace!!!

Gina said...

Sorry I didn't bump into you on Thursday Mags... I don't think one day is enough!

Corryna Janssen said...

It is wonderful to see these pictures with all the happy people. It must be so much fun to go to the Festival of Quilts. I think I will have to save money to be able to go there too some day.

Heather said...

Lovely post and great pics Mags. What a super day you had. I even recognise two of the people in your photos. I never find it easy getting good photos of the quilts at these shows as there are always so many people in the way!

Anonymous said...

Those NEC days are exhausting aren't they, I usually go to the Sewing for Pleasure in Mar/Apr and come back shattered.
Love the photos.

maggi said...

Looks like you had a great time. Sorry to have missed you. Hopefully I shall be able to find the Thermofax screens tomorrow.