Thursday, August 05, 2010


Ordiary no lenses 369

This photo was taken in New York in 2005. I had no idea where it was taken as we had such a quick tour in a coach, stopping here and there and since then I’ve been trying to find out where it was. I fell in love with this gate and of course it’s a grid. What I like about it is the way it has images placed randomly in the grid. Today I was thrilled to find the artist and she is Arlene SlavinSteel Gates, Cathedral Bestiary, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York. The first outdoor steel commission, plasma cut fabrication. More if her work here Artnet/Arlene Slavin. The gate is here.

This reminded me of one of my City and Guilds projects about 12 years ago, where I also filled a grid randomly. I went looking for the work this afternoon among the cobwebs in the eaves.


memories 008

This is what gave me the idea. I chose the fishing industry as a topic after picking up a piece of blue fishing net on holiday in Portugal. I had a vegetable net which was red, so I painted it using two shades of blue acrylic paint. Some of it had dried in the holes here and there. So I used this as my inspiration.

 memories 007 memories 011

I used two boards and cut holes in the top one.

memories 001 memories 002 memories 003

This was developed into a long waistcoat. I’m going to work some more on this idea for my Sketchbook.memories 005 




Heather said...

The metal gate is fantastic Mags and just the thing for your grids collection. I love your project pieces using mesh/net and the waistcoat is beautiful.

maggi said...

The gate is beautiful. I love where this sketchbook project is taking you - past and present.

Aussie Jo said...

Grids have great design variation possibilities.
Your looking very smart and retro there!

Julie said...

I love the gate grid too. Cool waistcoat!

jordiw said...

Do you think she did these too? they look similar stylewise

Annette J said...

Thanks for sharing your C&G boards, it brought back memories. Love the waitcoat and thank you for the link I was very taken with her firescreens, especially "hopscotch"

Frances said...

Mags I love your waistcoat, is it in 2 layers?

the gates look beautiful, I can see why they inspired you, I'm going to check out Jordi's links too,

Sue Bleiweiss said...

that waistcoat is fabulous Mags!

jordiw said...

I will add St. John the Divine to my list of places to go back to. i painted inside once with a class and it is just amazing. I will make it a point to find the screen and send you the result. Probably not for a couple of weeks though!!