Saturday, August 21, 2010

A lazy day

I don’t feel tired after my visit to the Festival of quilts, but I do feel lazy and am just sitting here blog hopping without really concentrating.

I only had a few photos of quilts and the ones I took were a very poor quality, taken quickly before someone else wanted to see the quilt. The lighting was not very good either or the setting on my camera was wrong.


I had to take this with all the lovely circles, but I’m so disappointed in the image quality.

IMGP3101 Here is a close-up which is much clearer and nearer the correct colours I think.

sweden IMGP3112

IMGP3113 IMGP3111

I loved the colours in this group quilt particularly the mosquito and the padded diamonds. I haven’t got the colours right – the turquoise was much deeper than this.


Heather said...

Wonderful stitching on that first quilt Mags. I love the mosquito too, though I don't love the real ones. Photographing textiles is an art in itself and not at all straightforward.

maggi said...

You are right about the lighting. It is much better in the galleries but I feel that it is very poor in the main halls in a lot of places.