Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lines and grids

I’m back to thinking about my Sketchbook for the Art House Project.


Here are some interesting lines I photographed recently. I think I must do some textile work using these boats on the river.

 P1080948 P1080952

This was a radiator in a shop at Betws y Coed this afternoon and it always makes me think about my friend Nadine in Canada whose blog is called Knitting with a Poodle. She had one like this, but the last thing she needs just now is a radiator.

 railway lines

How about these for lines, they always shine like this in the evening sun. I wonder what I can do with them?


We’ve had a lot of rain recently and this is the result. This is the river that feeds the Conwy estuary in front of my house.


All the froth that was created by the rough water gave a lovely texture and linear patterns a little lower down the river.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of the boats.
It would be interesting to cut off the top of the photo and just work with the base of one boat and all those lines reflected in the water.

Heather said...

Lovely collection of lines Mags. Collecting shapes and forms like that is such a good way of making us look at everything around us. I love a gentle trickling stream but heavy rain makes things more exciting and interesting - as long as it knows when enough is enough!

JP said...

some fascinating photos - glad you enjoyed FOq - i had agreat time and had a cup of tea with Helen and Liz