Monday, September 27, 2010


You may think I have been idle recently as I haven’t blogged, but I have been very busy as usual with few other projects which I’ll share another time. Oh, yes, of course I nearly forgot that I’d also been doing some of the hated housework which I’d neglected and also tidied my workroom which I always try to do when I have finished a project. I am a very untidy worker, so my room gets very messy with all my boxes and contents for that particular project. It would of course make things easier if I only had one interest, but as I have so many different ones I need many boxes and all kinds of different stuff. I’m also a great hoarder as I never know when something will come in useful as people creating Mixed Media will understand.

loft 002 loft 008

This is my workroom taken from both ends and this is as tidy as it gets.

loft 011

This is the window at the far end and I can see the castle, but I must admit when I’m up here I don’t have much time to look, but it’s still good to know it’s there.

loft 005

This is my Embellisher area and I have my colourful baskets on my mother’s old tea trolley. It’s very useful.

loft 010

This is my wonderful wet area. I didn’t have water in my loft workroom for the first 18 years since we’ve lived here, but 2 years ago I had this double sink put in and I love it.

loft 012 I cleared my notice board ready to pin up the inspiration for my next projects.

loft 014

This is a pile of WIP (work in progress). Some of it is work started at SerenTex and the pile on the left is inspiration I’ve collected for my Art House Sketchbook Project.

loft 013 Up on the ceiling here I have my year planner because this has been a particularly busy one for me and I knew I had to time everything that needed doing. Did I use it? I’m afraid not as I just used my computer Calendar and my small Diary instead. I don’t think I will buying another Year Planner.

loft 017

Pride of place goes to Nain on the left and my friend packing the car to go on a course.

loft 016 This was cut out of a magazine a few years back and it was up on my notice board until this morning. Maybe I should read it now I’ve tidied up? Perhaps it will help me in my battle against procrastination which is a constant one I’m afraid. I’m always doing things, but never the urgent ones. They are always done last minute.


Heather said...

That's a wonderful workspace you have Mags. I know just what you mean about trying to keep things tidy and having too many interests. I am constantly having to move something to reach something else and usually end up working in a muddle. I can't work when it's in a dreadful mess and it seems a shame to muck it all up again when it looks nice and tidy!

Textile Art Showcase said...

Yes I too struggle to keep my workroom in order. (I am not sure if it has ever really had 'an order' to speak of as as soon as it is tidied it becomes untidy again. Good luck keeping it tidy after all your hard work Mags. It does look a great workspace and a great view too!

Vicki W said...

What a great space!

Linda said...

I wonder how many of us will agree with your comments about procrastination? It seems to go with the territory and there's nothing like a deadline for motivation!

ju-north said...

At least I never think of you as idle wqith all these interests! would love a space like this but no doubt it would soon get filled up!

Chris Gray said...

Yours is a lot tidier than mine :-o

Jackie said...

Envy....its a lovely space. I can't see my floor at the moment!

artymess said...

your workroom is so neat...wish mine was i need a BIGGER space maybe the loft is the answer......Ive enjoyed visiting your blog and the lovely photos of my homeland which I miss ....and I love your textile work..I had to laugh at the photo of your beetroot plate ....genius ....thanks for visiting my blog ..lorna x

John said...

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John said...

Wow i love you blog its awesome nice colors you must have did hard work on your blog. Keep up the good work. Thanks

maggi said...

What a lovely place to work in. No wonder you enjoy creating things.

Gina said...

What a great space! It appears you've managed to organize very well. I found today I only had the floor left to work on. That is now covered so clean-up time is here.

JillS. said...

Great workspace you have and it looks really well organized! I have procrastinated tidying up my creative area for far too long...there are just so many piles!
Thanks for sharing your space.
Brother PC-420