Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Interesting Morning

It’s a lovely day here in North Wales, the sun is out and it’s lovely and warm. I spent the morning in Llandudno and it’s becoming the ideal place for artistic and creative people, especially textile arts.

My first call at one end of town(near the station for visitors) is a shop called William Glover, this is wonderful furniture store. All I need now is a new house and it must be much larger than my little flat(apartment) as the furniture here is old reclaimed oak and some of it is massive, but there are small items that I really fancy. But the main attraction for me are the beautiful decorative items, paintings and ceramics.

I then crossed the road to Oriel Mostyn the art gallery.


The new exhibition is now up and I have already visited 3 times. There’s been an artist in residence here for the last couple of months and will be there until October 16th. I have been watching his work developing and in the beginning I was not at all impressed I must admit, but I now love what he’s been doing. He is The Junkman from Afrika and the work is called The Junkyard of Awkward Things. he is one of the most influential artists of the African continent and he was once an University lecturer before he engaged full time in a professional art practice that has taken him to work in universities, major art museums and galleries in most parts of the world.

I was allowed to take photos for my personal use at the gallery and I found them very inspiring. I was looking for Lines and Grids for my Sketchbook Project with the Art House Sketchbook Project.

Oriel Mostyn 005 Oriel Mostyn 009

I just love these! Have you ever seen such lovely lines and grids? (smile)

I have so much more to share. Sometimes I don’t have much to say, but then I have far too much. so I will make this into a 2 or 3 part post.

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and can you see that lovely piece of peeling painted wood in the corner .....