Monday, September 06, 2010

Memory Lane once more


Before I go down Memory Lane for the last time for now, here is bit of fun I’ve had with the embroidery machine and Embellisher combined.

P1090228 P1090298

This the small hill just in front of Snowdon as seen from Nantlle lake and it’s called Clogwyn y Garreg (Crag or Cliff of Stones). Below is a close-up of this beautiful crag taken as I passed below it in the car.


When I was 6 years old we moved to this very posh house in the middle of this street, with an inside toilet and water on tap, saving my mother a trip to one of the village pumps. We also had electricity, which we also had  in our old house, because the quarry had a Power House nearby for their use and everyone in the village paid them for their electricity. At this time there were many places without electricity. Does that make me very old? I think not, but DH has asked me to take out the photo of myself in the post My Beret with the Embellisher because it makes me look a lot older than I actually do. Now I have just gone and done it. <BG>


My father was born in one of these cottages and when my great grandmother visited for the first time she would not stay there and had to be taken home again by horse and carriage. She looked up and saw the loose rocks above her which reminded her of the large rock that fell on the chapel and demolished it completely. Luckily the service had just finished and there was only a coffin with the deceased there at the time.


Above is the large boulder that fell, still there with a memorial to the old Chapel.

P1090292 P1090294

The above says this is where the old chapel of Drws y Coed stood before it was demolished by the stone on February 17th 1892. My father wasn’t born until 1900. The photo next to it is the old chapel house next door.


Here are two climbers preparing to climb the cliff, right above that spot.


Heather said...

Another fascinating post Mags with stunning photos. Wales can be a dangerous place - what a mercy the chapel was empty when that boulder fell on it. Hope those climbers know what they are doing. I love your experimental fun piece.

Julie said...

Fascinating photographs and memories Mags. When I bought my first home in the 70's we had an outside loo and no running hot water in the kitchen. I don't think you sound old at all, if you are I must be too ;o)

Jackie said...

Thats exactly the kind of story that made me a neurotic child! I have a vivid imagination and used to worry about all sorts of possibilities..I think this might have been one of them.

Michele said...

What a lovely place you live in. It's been a treat to read about your childhood home and the surroundng area. I'm new to your blog and have thouroughly enjoyed your art and stories. Please keep them coming.