Saturday, November 27, 2010


22nd Nov 10 009

This was taken one day last week very early in the morning.

22nd Nov 10 011

And here is a close-up of Conwy Castle. Unfortunately they started to store some of the boats in front of it over the Winter and I think this is very inconsiderate of them because they spoil all my castle photos.

22nd Nov 10 027

I think there are fewer boats at the Marina as well as many of them go to the boatyard over the winter.

22nd Nov 10 038

The Cycle/Footpath has been very popular since it was created a few years ago, but not this popular! They kept on coming and coming and coming and I took photo after photo. This was only the second year of the Supply Print Half Marathon and it could soon be Wales’ second largest half marathon. It attracted 1200 runners from all over the UK and some from as far as America and Germany. We must have had the prime spot for watching the race.

22nd Nov 10 054

There was even a tree running in the race!


Ali Honey said...

Lovely photos Mags. The boats add to the interest of "your castle," photos.
A running tree , now that's reeally branching out!

Penny said...

I really love seeing that castle, one of my favorites to paint of all the ones we saw last year.

ju-north said...

YOu certainly live in a wonderful spot! A photographer's paradise!

Heather said...

Medieval boats would have been OK Mags, but I agree about storing the modern ones just there - how inconsiderate! I never tire of seeing Conwy Castle - it is definitely one of the most beautiful ones. Love the running tree - it must have slowed him down.

Dorothy Gibbs said...

You will just have to clone out those boats parked by YOUR castle won't you? grin