Monday, November 08, 2010

Embellisher flowers

snow 021

Work in progress!

snow 011

We have snow, but not the first snow of winter. It has come lower this time and looks nice from afar.

snow 012

There was no sun on the castle this morning, but the walls were such a rich colour after the rain I had to take a photo.

snow 014

Here is a closeup. can you see the seagull?


Heather said...

The embellisher flowers are lovely and the castle is always spectacular no matter what the weather. Snow? Oh no, not yet please, though it does look beautiful.

Sue Bleiweiss said...

We woke up to a little snow/sleet this morning. I love the flowers!

Sandy said...

Great photos. I really like the flowers-need to use my embellisher more.

Marian said...

Margaret, Some time ago I was very inspired by some digital art you created based on some of your landscape photographs. I think you created it on a course with Sarah Brownie. I was hoping to go and have another look at it but can't find it. It was some time ago so may be confused but if not could you point me to the link please.

Many thanks

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your comments Heather, Sue, sandy and Marian. I'm glad to have inspired you Marian. These are the only 2 post I can think of
I hope one of these is what you were looking for.