Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rhos-on-Sea on a Sunday morning

It was a beautiful morning and ideal for photography as the air was so clear.

estuary 080

Gulls and Windmills.

estuary 085

I found just the thing for my fisherman -

estuary 087

A couple of fishing rods! I’m sure his catch would be even better with one of those.


Only this morning I complained to my husband that I can never take good photos of birds and an hour later I took this one.

estuary 098     estuary 086

Cycling is very popular here. but I think it was the sea that eroded this one and not over cycling on the cycle path.

estuary 090

Lovely colours and textures.

estuary 101

But from this morning’s photos, this must be my favourite.


ju-north said...

I agree - that's somebody's baby!

JP said...

it has been a lovely day here too

Heather said...

Super pics - I can almost feel that crisp fresh air. Love the willow(?) fisherman and the rust stains on the rocks. The 'baby' looks as if he wants his mum!