Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Moonlight


This is what the moon looked like this morning, unfortunately I was not fully awake and didn’t bother to get my tripod.


It reminded me I had taken another photo of the early morning moon a few days before Christmas.

P1000496 P1000386

Taken through the window and my favourite is the one on the right.

My list of things ‘To Do’ is getting shorter and today I’m sorting out the files in all my folders and we’re talking 1000’s here as you can imagine and half of them are not worth saving. This will take me many months to do, but if I try and work on them an hour a day I might succeed in sorting them out eventually.


coral-seas said...

I'm not sure if it was the moonlight that woke me at 5.00 this morning. I wish that I had been awake enough to take a picture. There is a full moon tonight so I will leave the camera on the window sill in case I wake again.

We you lucky enough to see the lunar eclips on Dec 21. It was cloudy here so not a glimps and I got up especially to watch it :-(

ju-north said...

If I lived in your house I would have a permanenent seat at the window! Beautiful!

Heather said...

Stunning photos Mags - you had plenty of snow! Will we get a bit more I wonder? The moon has been wonderful this winter. Sadly we couldn't see the eclipse due to a solid blanket of cloud. Good luck with the sorting - you'll be so glad when it's done, or even half done.

Joanie said...

Oh welcome back Mags, good to read your inspirational blog. I too have attempted to join the sketchbook challenge, a first for me, I must now be big and brave and enter properly.

Anonymous said...

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