Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Artista V4 software

I’ve been rather quiet, but I’m still here and ‘playing with my Bernina 180 sewing machine and the Embroidery Module. All this is meant to brush up on my digitizing in preparation for my Cutwork Tool which still hasn’t arrived for some reason and I’m getting rather frustrated. I’ve made a few cards using some of my designs.

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These images below were made some time ago for a book swap.

Cannes WI 003 DSCF0038 onion1


ju-north said...

Love your work - so inspiring!

Heather said...

Great designs and images Mags - you're a shining example of digital!!

Pam Annesley said...

I recognised the blue - black work Mags it's in my Metamophose Round Robin book. I have the book on a stand in my studio. I recently showed it to a friend that visited me from Rhos on Sea. Is that near you?

Sandy said...

Wonderful work. It's frustrating to wait for a new toy!

Kati said...

Beautiful Work!!! Love it!

JP said...

beautiful as ever

alex said...

good work.. they are so beautiful..

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Anonymous said...


This is a question for the webmaster/admin here at digitalgran.blogspot.com.

Can I use some of the information from your blog post right above if I provide a link back to this site?


MargaretR said...

This is the second email from you Daniel and both included Embellisher work. Where do you want to use it? If you can let me know what it's for? As you do not include and email address or website it is difficult.

Anonymous said...

I recognise the one beside Pam's. I was also showing my book to friends recently and they were all very impressed. Toni

MargaretR said...

I remember where that one went Toni :)That was a great swap you arranged and one of the most successful I've taken part in.

Valeri said...

Hi Mags. What is a cut work tool? I seem to have missed out here! lol