Saturday, March 19, 2011


st xmas lunch 005 st xmas lunch 009

st xmas lunch 036 st xmas lunch 039

I love diagonals and often when I paint a surface I seem to paint diagonally, but it surprised me to find that I’d taken so many photos with strong diagonal directions when I was out on Sunday morning.

st xmas lunch 031 st xmas lunch 034 st xmas lunch 026

Another favourite is peeling paint and there was plenty of opportunities to take photos of the variety of small boats leaning against the wall in Rhos on sea.


ju-north said...

HI Margaret! funnily enough I took some very similar photos on Friday!
Think we are on the same wavelength! Love your photos, especially the textures.

Heather said...

Wonderful photos Mags - I can almost smell the sea air when I look at the first one. The strong sunlight is a joy and shows up all the textures and shadows so well.

Chris Gray said...

...Ahhhhhhh.... many possible projects..... little time :-)

Sandy said...

Great diagonals. They seem to appear in my work a lot.

Cindy Fahnestock said...

I so love reading your blog and loved this post. Your work is amazing and so were the diagonals you managed to capture in these photos!

teener1416 said...

what wonderful photos!

great blog! I'm the same way and want to try all kinds of art and crafts!

Anonymous said...

Love your photos. I did ask you once before about your camera. What brand etc but you didn't bother to answer.
I love Rhos on Sea. My friend Robin Jones did own the golf club there.

you live in one of the most prettiest spots in the world. [that I have see.]

ju-north said...

PS I left some pics for you on a recent post!