Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A busy few days

Last Saturday I completed my presentation for my talk, or so I thought. I made sure it was compatible with older programmes and checked this on my own older laptops. Fine, it all worked. Then last minute I checked to see if the Memory Stick still worked as you do Smile using my Windows 7 laptop Everything was fine so I checked OK and removed the stick. I must have clicked to tell it to use Power Point 2010 by mistake and when I arrived at the venue it didn’t work with Windows XP and all my own fault for being too careful.

However I think the talk went off alright and the ladies seemed to enjoy it, especially looking at all my ‘Swaps’. I haven’t swapped work in quite a while as I haven’t had time, but looking back to the time when I did, it was such fun and also made me very productive and it was such a pleasure to see the postman arriving with works of art from all over the world. I have dozens of postcards, ATC’s, dolls, brooches and so on, so it helped things along.

Today I went to Mary’s house with Trish and we had a whole day from 10am to 6pm making monoprints using Mary’s printing inks and I’d taken along my Embellisher so she could have a go on it. she took to it as if she’d always used one and produced some lovely work.

As I’d been so busy I hadn’t looked for inspiration for my printing, but Mary said why not use these as your inspiration, some samples I’d made using the Embellisher.

Abergele 011 

So I did and here are a few of the prints below.

Abergele 004    Abergele 005

But then I played with them in PSP to develop them further.

Abergele 4b   Abergele 4h5   Abergele 4h3

I quite like some of these.


ju-north said...

So do I!!

Linda said...

Hi Margaret,

I've just seen the Welsh cake recipe that you added to your post. That's very kind of you - I'll give the recipe a go tomorrow, using my visitors as guinea pigs!


ju-north said...

Reply re Corel Painter: it came with PSP package. It's only CP4 (they are up to eleven now but it costs £200 to buy.) I quite like it but am still experimenting with it.

maggi said...

Technology is wonderful until it develops a mind of its own. I do like the print images.

Heather said...

Glad the talk went well inspite of your little hiccup. I love your embellished piece and all the prints which came from it. So much inspiration for further work from one small sample. Beautiful Mags.

Sandy said...

I especially like the last one.