Saturday, April 30, 2011


sunset 012

This is exactly how my camera took a photo of last night’s sunset!


And then as it sank lower. There are more photos on my photo blog.

sunset 039

sunset 046sunset 038  sunset 048

I’m sure all the train spotters around would have enjoyed my vantage point. there were quite a few of them around.


ju-north said...

Lovely views! Keith would have been there with his camera! (and stepladders probably!)

Heather said...

The sun photos are breathtaking and I love steam trains. As a child a train journey was always a treat.

Pam Annesley said...

The sunset is beautiful Mags. i am interested in the train as well. When I lived in Cornwall i used to travel on a similar train. Looking at the name I am wondering whether the Great Western went to Cornwall. Do you know?
Cheers, Pam in OZ

Helen Cowans said...

I think you must live in a different world to get that sunset!

Such wonderful views from your window.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. It is a strange sunset Helen. I'm afraid I don't know if it went to Cornwall, but DH thinks it might have done Pam.