Friday, April 29, 2011

Twice in a Day!

green 001

I’m not a green person and I never seem to wear green, have green in my house or much green in my work, but I do love Spring greens, they are more yellowish . The photo above has not been touched up at all and is the tree in the garden opposite us at the back.

green 002

This is the garden to the front, again untouched. aren’t those greens wonderful?

green 003

This doesn’t to seem as bright.

green 004

The mud seems to have this green growing on it this year, it doesn’t every year.

green 005

The vase is lovely and belonged to my mother whose house was always decorated in greens and even the windows and doors outside were green. Maybe this is why I don’t have greens? Maybe I saw too much of it as I grew up?

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Heather said...

Those greens are beautiful Mags and made me think of all the greenery in Westminster Abbey yesterday. I don't wear green or have it in the house, but do work with it quite often.