Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chester car park

sketch designs 001

i love these dancing figures painted on the wall of the high rise car park in Chester and managed to get a photo on my last visit.


These images are in no way related but you might be interested to know that this is the best present I was ever given. I wonder if you know what it could be? It’s a make-up cape which I was given by neighbours when I was 13 years old and is still in use almost every day, it’s especially handy if I need to run a comb through my hair and I’m wearing a dark outfit. The same friends also gave me my first ever pair of clip on earrings and a copy of church voluntaries which I still have. I wish I could be as thoughtful when I’m giving presents.


Ali Honey said...

I too love that wall....aren't the figures really animated - very well done whoever the artist was.
I could use one of those make up capes. As my hair has greyed I am forever having to get grey hairs off my shoulderas. I wear lots of black where they show up the worst. I am always asking R to check my back view before I venture out. If he's not there I usually take the top layer off again and inspect it just to make sure I am well presented.
( do you think hairs fall out more once grey or white? )

Helen Suzanne said...

Love those figures Mags. What a good way to cheer the place up.

Heather said...

That's a fantastic mural Mags and must bring a smile to all who use the carpark. That make-up cape was well made or is it just that you have looked after it. Lovely to have a gift that lasts so long.

Valeri said...

I have one of these make up capes. In fact I'd forgotten I'd got it and had to go and look it out! So thank you for reminding me as they are very useful indeed! The trouble is that if you get out the habit of using one you do forget about the usefulness!