Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Estuary

I spent today visiting relatives and doing mundane jobs like shortening a pair of linen trousers for myself and repairing a jacket for one of my grandsons. It has an Everton logo on it which makes it a very precious garment.


estuary 001

Cyclists galore on the cycle path.

estuary 002

But it’s this little cyclist going the other way is the one i like best.

estuary 015

the castle is surrounded by beautiful greens.

estuary 021

Isn’t this a smart duck?


Ali Honey said...

Yes I like the little one going the other way too. Notice the pedestrian has to get off the path for the cyclists.( possibly an adult with the young cyclists? )
I love your views across the harbour/ inlet. Do you go across the bridge on the extreme left to do shopping...or is there more built up area behind you?

Heather said...

Good to see the cycle path so well used. You have such a beautifully lush outlook - now I know why we haven't had much rain - it must all have fallen on west Wales before the clouds reached us! That is one very handsome duck.

Helen Cowans said...

The view of the castle and the town are truly inspiring.

I always think that May is the "month of a thousand greens".